Monday June 10, 2024

19.00 Ι Welcome Reception

Tuesday June 11, 2024

09.00 I Opening


  •  Prof. Steffen Ihlenfeldt, Conference Chairman and Director Fraunhofer IWU

Welcome addresses

  • Dr. Markus Wolperdinger, Bioeconomy Advisory Board
  • Prof. Fengzhou Fang, President of the International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP)
  • Prof. Ursula M. Staudinger, Rector of TUD Dresden University of Technology

10.30 I Keynotes

The New Paradigm of Manufacturing Advancement

Prof. Fengzhou Fang, President of CIRP, Tianjin University 


MX (Machining Transformation) – Leading innovation in the manufacturing industry 

Dr.-Ing. Masahiko Mori, Director DMG MORI EMEA GmbH


N. N.

Prof. Paulo Bartolo, Nanyang Technological University Singapur



Cognitive Production as Enabler for BioManufacturing

Prof. Steffen Ihlenfeldt, Conference Chair and Director Fraunhofer IWU

13.00 I Technical Sessions 


Room Kunsthalle

Med Tech – Manufacturing 4.0

Healthcare 4.0
: ICT, Manufacturing and Industrial Automation of Biological Processes
Dr. Paola Ginestra, Università degli Studi di Brescia, Italy


A production scheduling and control system for CAR T-cell manufacturing

Prof. Tamás Kis, Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungary


Virtual surgical planning for point-of-care manufacturing

Dr. David Dean, The Ohio State University, USA


Reinforcement Learning Based Resource Management for CAR T-Cell Therapies

Dr. Balázs Csanád Csáji, Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungary


Finite Element Analysis for the Virtual Surgical Planning of Stiffness-matched Personalized Load-bearing Percutaneous Implants

Luis H. Olivas Alanis, The Ohio State University, USA


Room A

Med Tech – Implants and Manufacturing Technologies I

Comparative analysis of cutting characteristics of simulated and bovine bone

Han Wang, Osaka University, Japan


Influence of manufacturing-related deviations on the junction strength of double modular hip endoprostheses

Beate Legutko, Leibniz University Hannover Institute of Production Engineering and Machine Tools


Additive manufacturing of external breast prosthesis: design, fabrication and mechanical characterization

Prof. José Cansing, ESPOL Polytechnic University, Ecuador


A process chain study for manufacturing nitinol stents

Dr. Luis Cedeno-Viveros, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico


Robotic bending of craniomaxillofacial fixation plates

Dr. Brian Thurston, The Ohio State University, USA





On the Concept of Decentralization in Biointelligent Production

Yannick Baumgarten, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany


Conceptional thoughts on a holistic support tool for biointelligence-related strategic decisions in enterprises

Ronny Hauf, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany


Bioinspired approaches for resource-efficient material flow in production – an innovative concept on peristaltic-based transport

Henriette Kunze, Fraunhofer IWU, Germany


Improving the energy efficiency of machine tools using a thermal storage unit based on a phase change material

Nico Bertaggia, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany



Med Tech – Implants and Manufacturing Technologies II


Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of superelastic additively manufactured Nitinol for biomedical applications

Alessandra Guarise, University of Padua, Italy


Antibacterial surface protection using electrical discharge machining with zinc tool electrode for medical devices

Dr. Philipp Steinert, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany


A novel low-cost spray coating machine for PLA solution on tubular metallic geometries

Mariana Macías-Naranjo, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico


Machine Learning-Driven Optimization of 3D Printing Parameters for PLA Bone Scaffolds with Enhanced Mechanical Properties

Rixiang Quan, University of Bristol, United Kingdom



19.00 I Conference Dinner 

Wednesday June 12, 2024

09.00 Ι Keynote Session II


Optimisation of bone cutting in semi-automatic knee arthroplasty

Prof. Mamoru Mitsuishi, Teikyo University 


From a biological observation to biomanufacturing: Finding bio-inspiration

Prof. Amir Ayali, Tel Aviv University


Bio-inspired Frugal Engineering Strategies for Resilient Supply Chains

Prof. Ajay Malshe, Purdue University


10.50 Ι Technical Sessions


Room Kunsthalle 

Hydrogels and Bioprinting


The effect of selected process parameters on shape fidelity in extrusionbased bioprinting of natural and synthetic hydrogels

Dr. Carmine Borgia, University of Calabria, Italy


Gelatin-Alginate bioinks for biofabrication of in vitro liver sinusoid model

Dr. Ashwini Rahul Akkineni, TUD Dresden University of Technology, Germany


FRESH 3D Bioprinting Of Alginate – Cellulose – Gelatin Constructs For Soft Tissue Biofabrication

Dr. Miriam Seiti, KU Leuven, Belgium


The effect of light on a bioprinted co-culture system of murine rat islets and photosynthetically active microalgae

Sophi Dani, TUD Dresden University of Technology, Germany

Room A 

Bioinspired Robotics


Design and Testing of a Single–Tentacle Soft Gripper with an Embedded Suction Cup

Stanislao Grazioso, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Concept development of a suction gripper network based on the biological role model of an octopus

Rayk Fritzsche, Fraunhofer IWU, Germany


Bio-inspired robots for confined space industrial applications: a novel cable-driven snake robot design

Sotiris Makris, University of Patras, Greece


An analysis of biomechanical requirements and actuating technologies of biomimetic hand exoskeletons regarding to driving force and stroke

Alina Carabello, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany



Biobased Materials


Mycelium-based-composites production – Vision for substitution of fossil-based plastics

Dr. Simon Harst, Fraunhofer IWU, Germany


New gentle extraction method of hemp bast strips for use as bio-based reinforcing fibres in highly loaded fibre composites

Ludwig Rogall, TUD Dresden University of Technology, Germany


Additive manufacturing of ceramics opens the door to components for biomanufacturing applications with high functionality

Dr. Uwe Scheithauer, Fraunhofer IKTS, Germany


Exploring the potential of residual aspergillus mycelium as a sustainable material for additive biomanufacturing

Stephanie Eigner, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany

Development approach of a workflow for 3D printing of living mycelium materials and their growth manipulation

Sophia Elsner, Fraunhofer IWU, Germany



Bioinspired Manufacturing


A conceptual basis for reducing the number of complex multi-parametric experiments in bioproduction engineering via artificial intelligence

Ronny Hauf, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany


Melt electrowriting on out-of-plane surfaces: The challenge of controlling the electric field for textile biomanufacturing

Ciro A Rodriguez, Tecnológico de Monterrey, Spain


Influence of clearance and velocity during blanking on the fatigue behavior of cellulosebased biocomposites

Dr.-Ing. Ronja Scholz, TU Dortmund University, Germany


Adhesion Reduction in Plastics Processing by means of laser-generated Microstructuring

Eric Gärtner, Fraunhofer IWU, Germany


Towards a sustainability-oriented development of biointelligent products

Yannick Baumgarten, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany


15.30 Ι Industrial Tours


Meeting point: Foyer Hotel Penck



Automobile manufacturing 

(by bus shuttle)


X-FAB Dresden GmbH & Co. KG I Wafer manufacturing

(by tram)


Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU

Research and development 

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Thursday June 13, 2024

09.00 Ι Technical Sessions


Room Kunsthalle 

Digital Twin in Biomanufacturing


A Flexible Digital Twin Framework for ATMP Production – Towards an efficient CAR T Cell Manufacturing

Arber Shoshi, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Sustainable Product Lifecycle Management – Implementation of a Digital Twin of a Biologically Transformed Product-Ecosystem

Sebastian Wehking, Fraunhofer IPK, Germany




Data management in biorefineries: Concep- tual thoughts on lean digital twinning

Arber Shoshi, Fraunhofer IPA, Germany


Designing Porous Structure with Optimized Topology using Machine Learning

Shradha Ghansiyal , University of Kaiserslautern, Germany


Room A

Biomedical Solutions I


Ultrathin polymeric platform for drug-eluting stent: A proof of concept

Aniol Bosch, Fundacio Eurecat, Spain


Replicative production of multifunctional microfluidic polymer films for biomedical disposaples

Eric Gärtner, Fraunhofer IWU, Germany






Substrate shapes generation for additive manufacturing of medical corsets tailored to various patient morphologies

Alexis Claude, University of Toulon, France


Bioinspired active hemocompatible coatings systems for mechanical circulatory support devices: When engineering meets nano and molecular technology

Martin Kohse, Fraunhofer IPT, Germany



Biological Manufacturing Processes and Equipment


Eco-friendly lubricants for improving performance and environmental impact in cold rolling 

Mattia Antonicelli, Polytechnic University of Bari, Italy


Analysis of biobased cooling lubricants in milling stainless steel for aerospace applications – A study of tribology and performance

Erik Selbmann, Fraunhofer IWU


Biologicalisation of surface structuring: Comparative environmental assessment of microbial biomachining vs. chemical etching

Felix Wanielik, TU Braunschweig, Germany


Characterization of the performance of microbial-based metalworking fluids in grinding using cell analogues

Daniel Meyer, Leipnitz-IWT, Germany


Biomedical Solutions II


Reducing damage with higher precision in drilling bones

Raafat Hussein, Clement Ader Institute, France


Optimizing Orthopaedic Bone Plates for Directed Energy Deposition with Generative Design and Topological Optimization Approaches

Weiting Xu, University of Bristol, United Kingdom


Polymer-Based Electrospun Vascular Grafts: A Study of Constructs and Endothelial Interactions

Janset Öztemur, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey


Apparatus to measure wear of soft tissue induced by reconstruction plates – A preliminary study

Anas Ben Achour, Fraunhofer IWU, Germany

01.00 p.m. Ι Keynote Session


Bio-inspired Resilience Strategies for Supply Chains through Frugal Engineering

Dr. Nina Gaißert, Festo Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG


Bio-Intelligent Machine Tool: Vision and Steps Towards Realisation

Konrad Wegener, inspire AG



02.30 p.m. Ι Best Paper Award Ceremony