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Learn here what Professor Ihlenfeldt expects from CIRP BioM 2024 in Dresden

Charles Darwin once said, "Anything that is against nature will not endure in the long run". This comparatively simple-sounding statement is more relevant today than ever before and must be both a driver and part of the solution for us in the future. A driver in the sense that the biosphere is showing us our limits and making the transition to a sustainable society necessary. Nevertheless, or precisely because of this, biology must also be part of the solution in order to achieve these goals.

Fortunately, innovation always occurs at the interface of specialized disciplines, and this is where we see the great potential in the convergence of production engineering, biotechnology and biology. To succeed, we must learn to understand the perspectives and mindsets of the different disciplines and develop a common language to create disruptive solutions. Only through these disruptions we will achieve the transformation to a sustainable society without sacrificing our current standard of living.

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Prof. Wertheim tell us about the CIRP in generally

With the CIRP Conference on BioManufacturing, the International Community for Production Technology (CIRP) has established a global forum for experts from the various disciplines involved. The sixth conference in this series is entitled "Future Production. Driven by Nature" and will take place in Dresden, Germany. In order to shorten your waiting time we will regularly post updates on this website and look forward meeting you in person in June!